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Miles Kuperus III

Brooklyn, NY


I’m a photographer specializing over the last 7 years in portrait and wedding photography. I’ve been described as friendly, professional, and dynamic from previous clients.

In my day job, I work with a team designing the next generation of vertically integrated ERP software at


My photography is warm, inviting, and focused on the moment. I’m capturing you in your element, getting the sparkle in your eye, and making you feel your best.

I’m getting the traditional shot for the mantle, but I always aim to capture you in a creative light than you may not even have imagined.

Including and not limited to
glamming with a posed, editorial style
capturing normal moments using photojournalism
abstract moments that are fun, goofy, and just look cool.

Product and Design

I operate at the cross-section of product management and UI/UX design. The past 8 years have given me robust business, product, and design experience. All I do is solve problems and build systems that are repeatable and benefit others. Nothing is more rewarding and challenging than creating products that leave all stakeholders happy. 


Include Payments (under construction, coming soon)
Include Cloud Admin — for a brand new cloud platform
Include UI — a homegrown design system

iEsign — an e-signature app

iAM — a homegrown identity management system
iKPI — business intelligence app

I’m a lifelong learner, and generally have taught myself mostly all that I know. I occasionally will write and publish these discoveries for others to indulge in!


Reach out to me — I'd love to chat.

I'm in Brooklyn, New York - but work all over the city in WeWorks, let's grab some coffee!

Email me at or send me a DM on Instagram instagram/miles.kuperus

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